Rabu, 03 September 2014

Sexy Gemstone Rings.

Polished Gems come in many different shapes and sizes and will look stunning when created and designed to work with jewellery of all types. The great benefits of the Gem stone is the fact they come in an array of beautiful colours, they are fashionable and affordable, which make them a great purchase for every customer.

Jian London offer a world of exciting jewellery. The Stardust range caught our eyes with their spectacular domes filled with coloured Gems of your choice. This new range has won the Technical Excellence award presented by The International Jewellery Awards 2011. The Stardust range has taken over 5 years to engineer and works very well as a ring, ear ring or pendant. Jian London also offer multiple coloured stone jewellery for a striking designer feel.
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The Gem colours Jian london offer are as follows:

White Topaz
Blue Saphire
Blue Topaze
Green amethyst
Lemon quartz
Pink Sapphire
Smokey Quartz
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